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Thank you for visiting my profile. My name is Pedro.

I am a Male green and yellow other.

I am about 1 year old.

Could you be the right match for me?

Help the Ottawa Humane Society find a new loving home for me and more animals like me.

Shelter Staff made the following comments about this animal:

Name: Pedro Age: 1 year
Breed: Red rumped parakeet Sex: Male
Colour: Green / yellow

Hola, yo soy Pedro! Oh, pardon me… let us continue this conversation in English. I am an oh so handsome red rumped parakeet, or at least that’s what the bird in the little mirror tells me on a daily basis. I would be happiest with an owner who has bird experience as I am still working on becoming hand tamed with my human friends. Can I join in on your holiday fun?

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Proof of Address
Photo ID
Animal Carrier

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