April 2017 Community Kudos

April 2017 Cool Kids & Community Kudos


WOW, This Humane Hero asked for donations for the OHS at her Sweet 16 birthday party!! What an amazing thing to do for Ottawa Animals! Thank you so much Rebecca for your extreme generosity.



Animal Rescuers

We’ve got ourselves An AMAZING Humane Hero Team! Brigid, Charlize, Ivy & Katherine have a club named “Animal Rescuers”. Their club’s solemn propose is to save animals lives. They hosted a used book sale and raised a whopping $450 for the animals at the OHS! WOW on behalf of everyone at the OHS, Furry and humane THANK YOU so very much for your amazing generosity. You guys are certainly Humane Heroes!!


Grayson is a Cool Kid! He donated a variety of items to the dogs at the OHS. The animals are SUPER lucky to have people like him in the community to support them!


Issac donated a variety of goodies and toys to the animals at the OHS! We are so lucky to have cool kids like him in the community. From everyone at the OHS Furry & human.. THANK YOU Issac!!


We are so thankful for Katherine’s generosity! Can you believe that she had a birthday party and she asked all of her friends to donate to the OHS in lieu of birthday gifts. All of your furry friends at the OHS are super thank you for your kindness Katherine!!


Aidan had a birthday party and he asked for donations for the OHS in lieu of  presents, WOW the animals are VERY lucky to have cool kids like you in the community. Thank you so much Aiden, from all of your friends at the OHS!

Chloe & Holly

These two amazing ladies accepted donations for the OHS in lieu of birthday gifts in memory of their beloved fur baby Max who has recently passed away. The animals at the OHS are so grateful for your kindness. THANK YOU!!


Chloe & Grayson

These Cool Kids donated a variety of essentials to the OHS animals. We all appreciate your kind donations. From all of your human and furry friends at the OHS, THANK YOU for being a Humane Hero!


Lukas you are a Humane Hero! The animals at the OHS are having so much fun with the goodies you have donated. We are all very appreciative of  what you have contributed to the OHS. From all f us human & furry, THANK YOU!


Isabelle donated an abundance of items to the animals here at the OHS! They animals are so lucky to have Humane Heroes like you living in our community. Thank you so much Isabelle for your kind donation to our furry friends at the OHS.


Ella asked for OHS Donations at her birthday party! What a fabulous young ladies she is. Thank you so much Ella for such a thoughtful initiative. The kitties & doggies are really enjoying their goodies and toys that you have donated. Have we told you yet that you are a Humane Hero? Because you totally are!

Liam & Cole

This Cool Kids donated lots of goodies to the animals at the OHS. We are all super grateful to have such amazing kids in our community! A warm THANK YOU from your human & furry friends at the OHS!

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