December 2016 Community Kudos

December Cool Kids & Community Kudos

Leah C.

Three-year-old Leah decided to donate some of her birthday money to the animals of the Ottawa Humane Society. How incredible is she?! Thank you Leah for being an amazing part of our community, happy birthday!

Rowan & Angus

Rowan and Angus did a wonderful thing this Holiday. They donated $40 to the Ottawa Society in tribute of their mother, Jennifer. Thank you for being amazing humane Heroes! Merry Christmas Rowan, Angus and Mom!

32611703002_9fa6414c08_zSofie K.

This amazing girl gave some of her gift money to Ruby and Penny who need much help in their recovery. Thank you Sofie, for being a hero to these two fury friends!


Sarena and Kate K.

These two awesome girls decided they were going to donate $100 for the cats at the Ottawa Humane Society so that they could have a fabulous Holiday too! Thank you Sarena and Kate for this wonderful gift! On behalf of the cats, we hope you have a wonderful holiday too!

Rowan G.

For this holiday season, Rowan wanted to do special extra special. This amazing humane hero donated to the animals at the OHS so that way they could have a special Holiday too! Thank you Rowan! Happy Holidays!

Caleb N.

Caleb did something super cool before the Holidays. He came in to the shelter so he could donate $20 for the animals, that way they could have a warm and happy holiday too! Thank you Caleb for being part of this amazing community! Happy Holidays!

32642175671_52f1129e40_zElliot O.

Elliot participated at his school’s event called Pay It Forward and donated $80 to help support the cats at the Ottawa Humane Society! Thank you Elliot for choosing us for your school’s event! You’re truly an amazing hero!


Associate Veterinary Clinics (1981) Ltd

Not only do they save lives, but they give too. The wonderful members of the Associated Veterinary Clinic had raise money for the animals of the OHS during their November Conference. On behalf of the animals, thank you!

Brooke R.

What a wonderful surprise! Eight-year-old Brooke visited the Ottawa Humane Society and donated some cat toys and some dog toys. Thank you Brooke for being so kind and generous towards the animals!

Zak L.

Zak had worked very hard to earn and save his chore money. And being the amazing young man he is, he purchased some food and some toys and donated it all to the Ottawa Humane Society. Thank you so much Zak for being a Humane Hero in our community!

Madeleine, Sophie & Lauralee

32465622896_bc7b86991c_zThese three wonderful girls entered with their hands full of wonderful donations for the animals. They had toys, yummy treats and even little accessories for the animals to look fabulously in. Thank you girls for these lovely gifts!



Katie B.

30494713283_cb4e872643_zFour-year-old Katie wanted to do something extra special for Christmas. She saved all of her money from household chores to purchase Christmas gifts for all the animals at the Ottawa humane Society. Thank you Katie, you gave the animals a beautiful holiday. Merry Christmas!



Nikolai and Brady

30494716073_baa57f997f_zEight-year-old Nikolai and his friend Brady made healthy homemade slushies and sold them to their neighbors. They raised $30 and donated the proceeds to the OHS to help the animals in need. What amazing heroes! Thank you Nikolai and Brady!



Gavin W.

Gavin and his family adopted a dog named Haylee from the OHS and gave her a wonderful forever home. But that wasn’t enough for Gavin, he wanted to do more. For his eighth birthday he decided he wanted his friends to donate to the OHS in lieu of gifts. On behalf of the animals at the OHS, thank you Gavin and happy birthday!

Heidi M.

For this awesome girl’s sixth birthday, she had her birthday party at the Ottawa Humane Society so she and her friends could play with animals and have a fun tour around the facility. To make the day extra special, she asked her friends for donations in lieu of gifts! You are so fabulous Heidi, thank you! Happy birthday!

Hayley T.

For Hayley’s 11th birthday, in lieu of gifts she wanted to collect donations for the animals of the Ottawa Humane Society! Thank you Hayley for being an amazing Humane Hero, happy birthday!

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