March 2017 Community Kudos

March Cool Kids & Community Kudos

Olivia and Grayson P.

Olivia and Grayson are mini superstars! They baked and sold cookies for the animals at the OHS. What  a fantastic thing to do! On behalf of all of the staff, volunteers and animals at the OHS, THANK YOU Olivia & Grayson! You are both Humane Heros!

Isabelle S.

Isabelle is a Humane Hero! She participated in National Cupcake day by hosting a fundraiser for the animals.Great Job Isabelle, your hard work and efforts are greatly appreciated by all of us at the OHS fury & human. On behalf of all of us, THANK YOU!! You are a superstar!

Chloe M.

For Chloe’s birthday, she decided to collect money in lieu of gifts so she could donate it to the Ottawa Humane Society. Isn’t she amazing! A huge thank you to Chloe for being a part of this amazing community, you are truly a Humane Hero. On behalf of the animals, volunteers and staff, happy birthday and THANK YOU!


33700858375_67ee957885_zStella & Sophie

Stella and Sophie hosted a bake sale and donated all of their proceeds to the animals at the Ottawa Humane Society! Thank you so much ladies for all your hard work. The animals are so grateful that you are a part of this community. You ladies are superstars!


Ellie S.

Ellie Collected donated money to help the animals at the OHS! Thank you so much Ellie the animals are so pleased!! You are a Humane Hero THANK YOU from all of us that the OHS.


33660057876_19cbd80af5_z (1)Callie O.

Callie received a money from her grandfather for Christmas to give to a charity of her choice and she chose the OHS. The animals are so happy that you chose them!! Thank you for your kind donation Callie! You are truly a superstar in our eyes!

Ainsley M.

The RBC Make It Count program gave Ainsley $5. She used the money to bake cupcakes and sold them at her school. She turned a $5 gift into a $100 donation for the animals at the Ottawa Humane Society! WOW! What an amazing girl you are Ainsley. Thank you from your human & fury friends at the OHS for all your hard work!

59th Ottawa Sparks Unit

These five and six-year-old Humane Heroes raised money for the animals at the OHS. THANK YOU from your human and fury friends at the OHS!


32923935410_7e12ef76a5_zTianna G.

This amazing young lady Collected money from her school Ecole Jean Robert Gauthier to help all the wonderful animals in need! Thank you very much on behalf of all of the animals, staff and volunteers for being a Humane Hero!


Danica L.

This cool kid decided for her seventh birthday she would donate to the Ottawa Humane Society to help her all animal friends. Thank you Danica for being a super Humane Hero, happy birthday!

Ella C.

Not only did this Humane Hero created her own fundraising page, she also made a cash donation and an in-kind donation to the animals at the Ottawa Humane Society! Thank you so much Elle for being an amazing part of this community!

Jack C.

Jack decided that he would come visit the animals at the Ottawa Humane. He also decided to make a big donation so he could help all his animal friends in need! Thank you Jack for being so cool! You are a Humane Hero!

Emma and Anabel

These two fabulous girls decided they wanted to make summertime lemonade stand to help raise money for Ottawa’s animals. Thank you girls for keeping our furry friends warm during the cold winter! You are truly Humane Heroes!

Emma and Cole

For their birthday party, Emma and Cole collected dog toys, leashes and cat toys from their friends and family in lieu of gifts! The best part about these two fabulous kids, they donated them to the Ottawa Humane Society for our furry friends! Thank you so much Emma and Cole for your lovely donations. From everyone here, happy birthday!

Emma W.

For this girl’s birthday, she wanted to do something amazing for her furry friends at the Ottawa Humane Society. In lieu of gifts, she asked her friends and family to help her collect dog treats, cat treats, pillowcases, cat toys, towels, sheets and even raise money to give to Ottawa’s animals. Thank you Emma for the wonderful gifts, you are an amazing Humane Hero! Happy Birthday!

33234319481_0713e0ed8a_zStella M.

What an amazing Humane Hero! Stella decided to not only save her allowance, but also her birthday money so she may donate to help Ottawa’s animals! Thank you Stella for your lovely gift! From every volunteer, staff and animal, happy birthday!


Soloway, Wright LLP

The Staff at Soloway, Wright LLP decided to host a bake sale and do a 50/50 raffle to raise funds to help us meet our mission to lead Ottawa in building a humane and compassionate community for all animals. From every volunteer, staff and animal, we thank you for being Humane Heroes!

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