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December 2016
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Ottawa Humane Society

Moments from Death, Cherry Gets Her Second Chance at the OHS

cherry beforeCherry the dog was hours away from certain death when she arrived at the OHS. Her uterus was about to burst and kill her, so full of infection that the OHS vet who operated on the six-year-old Labrador retriever mix wasn’t sure Cherry would even make it through the surgery.

Cherry had pyometra, an infection that only un-spayed dogs get after a heat. Cherry’s former owner couldn’t afford to treat her so he brought her to the OHS to get the emergency care she desperately needed.

The OHS vet cancelled regularly scheduled surgeries that day to get Cherry on the operating table fast.

Cherry’s uterus was distended to the length of the vet’s arm, full of pus and about to rupture.

“She was dying,” said Dr. Shelley Hutchings, OHS chief veterinarian. “It was so bad that even when she was on the table I wasn’t sure I should keep going with the surgery.”

cherry afterBut Dr. Hutchings proceeded and Cherry made it out of the operating room and into the OHS’s critical care unit where she got the specialized care she needed to recover.

Cherry was adopted two weeks ago and will be spending Christmas warm and comfortable with her new forever family.

It’s only because you care about animals that Cherry got the emergency care to save her life. Please help other animals like Cherry.

Always Room at the Inn

catAt the core, there are two kinds of animal shelters: open admission and limited admission. When I say "shelter" I mean to include all groups that care for animals, not just physical ones. Many excellent groups have no physical shelter, but rely on a network of foster homes, rather than a building. The OHS of course has both. And the OHS is an open admission shelter. Read more on the OHS blog.

OHS Helps Rescue Seagull Trapped 20 Feet in the Air

birdA Good Samaritan knew something was wrong the moment she spotted a seagull that appeared frozen in mid-air. After watching the bird closely, it became obvious that his wing was tangled in a piece of fishing line hanging from a tree, so she called the OHS for help.

An OHS officer contacted the Ottawa Fire Department who had a ladder tall enough to reach the trapped bird. A firefighter was able to cut the bird loose and with his one good wing, the bird was able to safely land on pile of snow of the ground.

The officer slowly and carefully placed the bird in a carrier and brought him to the OHS to be examined by a veterinary technician. The bird spent the night at the OHS and by morning he was alert and preening his wings. As a precaution he was sent to the Wild Bird Care Centre, an OHS partner, for further assessment.

OHS officers are busy throughout the year responding to sick and injured wildlife calls. Thanks to your support the OHS is able to be there for all of Ottawa’s animals in need.

Buddy & Belle: Penny

Rushed to the Ottawa Humane Society by ambulance, it was evident that Penny was in a lot of pain when she arrived in our veterinary clinic. She was not putting any weight on her twisted front left leg. The vet diagnosed it as a humorous fracture — but it wasn't funny. Help Penny heal

Holiday Delivery Program
holiday delivery

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, filled with joy, love and dreams of forever homes. And contrary to myth, when done responsibly, adding a pet to your family around the holidays can be a really great experience.

Why not make the season even more memorable and consider being a part of the OHS’s Holiday Delivery Program! Let holiday helpers or Santa’s elves create a moment of joy that will last forever by delivering your new family member on a night of Hanukkah or on Christmas morning.

Please note: standard adoption procedures apply. There is a $50 fee to participate. Please call 613-725-3166 ext. 258 or email adoptions@ottawahumane.ca for more information.

OHS Wish List 

wish list

Boys and girls around Ottawa aren't the only ones writing a wish list this holiday season — the animals at the OHS have one too!

Much-needed items include non-clumping cat litter, household rubber gloves, Sharpie markers, and more. 

Click here to make an animal's dream come true with an in-kind donation to the OHS.

Heart Warming Gifts 


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