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Ring in 2016 With Happy Adoption Tails From the OHS!
At the OHS, we’re lucky to see thousands of dogs, cats and small animals happily matched with new forever families every year. We especially enjoy getting updates on these happily-ever-afters from forever families, reminding us of why we love the work we do. Please enjoy a few of the many updates we received in 2015.
Foldger and Kip

foldger"We just wanted to let you know that Kip and Foldger have been an absolute delight since we brought them home. They seem to be adjusting nicely Foldger is apparently part fish as he drinks from the bathroom sink, and part NBA player as he can jump incredible heights! He's pictured where we found him on his first night at home, asleep on the stairs.

kipKip is our constant companion with his happy purr and calm gaze, when he's not slumbering comfortably nearby. Both boys took over the couch for nap time, and seem to be getting along.

Today was catnip day, and it was a lot of fun. We're so happy to have these wonderful personalities as part of the family. Thanks to the OHS for making it happen."


sully"Our dog Scully is enjoying the country farm life. He makes friends with animals and people. He loves to run and fast! He's gained weight and a lot of muscle. He's just a fun dog to have around with us all day. He's always up for an adventure in the forests or the fields. Maybe we will get a chance to come for a visit some time."

Mick and Miles

"I thought it might be time to send you some updated pictures of our wonderful boys, Mick and Miles.

mickI will start with Mick (aka the 24 toed wonder). Mick’s favourite spot to sleep is in a shoe box. He has many other places to sleep, (beds, chairs, cat beds, laps) but for some reason this is his favourite. The issue is the box is much too small for him. So, we have to replace it quite regularly. When we are sitting in the living room and hear a ‘pop’ we know Mick has ‘burst’ the shoe box again — and it is time to get a new one. Smile for the camera, Mick.

miles Next is Miles. His nickname is ‘The Shape’ because he is so black that sometimes you can’t tell what is what. Miles is devilishly handsome and has to have the most beautiful smile I have ever seen."

Buddy & Belle: Zeina and Milo

Help happily-ever-afters happen for animals like Zeina and Milo...



"Just a quick email to say thank you so much for taking such great care of Osiris while he was in your care. He's settling in well here in his new home. He's already sitting on my finger and enjoys hanging out in shirt pockets."


"Happy first year together for me and my girl! Thank you for all you do to bring people together with their new friends!"

Cupcake Day 2016

Help make happily ever after possible for even more animals by baking a difference on Cupcake Day 2016.
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