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 March 2016
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Ottawa Humane Society

Romeo’s Harrowing Ordeal a Stark Reminder of the Harsh Life of Cats on the Street


When an OHS agent brought Romeo in from the cold last December, the cat was in rough shape.

Declawed and unable to fend for himself, he was malnourished, dehydrated and had an injured leg. Neutered and affectionate with people, he clearly once knew the love of a forever family. 

In the care of the OHS, staff gave Romeo pain medication to keep him comfortable. Staff initially thought he may have a dislocated shoulder, but X-rays revealed something much worse! His leg was severely fractured and bone fragments suggested the injury was not new. He also had multiple broken teeth that would need to be removed.

With no owner coming forward to claim Romeo, OHS staff set to work nursing him back to health. Broken beyond repair, the vet amputated his leg. Staff treated him for diarrhea, a consequences of malnutrition. Healed from his leg amputation and stomach problems, Romeo is now awaiting surgery for his broken teeth. Then it's off to the Adoption Centre to find a new home.

While he recovers, the affectionate Romeo loves taking a break from the clinic to spend time in a staff member’s office where he can gain better mobility on his three legs, as well as lots of cuddles. 

Help Romeo and thousands of animals like him get their second chance at a happy life.

Doing More for the Animals With Dental Care at the OHS


Last year, more than 660 animals got a second chance at the OHS because they got the oral surgery they needed to alleviate their suffering.

Right now, there are 42 animals waiting for dental treatment at the OHS. Animals with serious dental issues aren’t adopted from the OHS until they get the oral surgery they need.

Dental care is crucial to the health of dogs and cats. Left untreated, dental disease can result in pain, tooth loss, infection and even jaw fractures. It can also have serious, even fatal, systemic consequences, affecting the kidneys, liver and heart. 

It can also mean the difference between a new home and being repeatedly passed over for an animal with healthy teeth. No one is eager to take on an expensive medical problem when they adopt a new pet.

That’s why the OHS treats serious dental health issues before animals go to their new homes. But providing dental care is expensive and time consuming. There are regularly long lists of cats and dogs waiting for cleanings, extractions and X-rays.We can only tackle this backlog with your support. Help provide more animals with the dental care they need.

Buddy & Belle: Betsy

You can help transform the life of this former puppy-mill prisoner. Read Betsy's story.

March is Adopt a Rescued Guinea Pig Month

Did you know March is Adopt a Rescued Guinea Pig Month? If you’ve been thinking about welcoming a guinea pig into your home, now is a great time. Watch our video to learn why guinea pigs make great pets!

National Cupcake Day

cupcake day
National Cupcake Day on Feb. 29 was a sweet success! Nearly 200 bakers rolled up their sleeves and made thousands of cupcakes in exchange for much needed donations for the animals. Thanks to all the stirring, baking, frosting and sprinkling, more than $20,000 and counting has been raised to help Ottawa's animals. There is still time to donate online and be a part of National Cupcake Day!

Come to FurBall 2016 


Join us on April 9 for the 12th annual FurBall! It's an evening of extraordinary cuisine, auctions, entertainment, dancing and a special appearance by OHS Brightening Lives animals, all in support of the animals in the care of the OHS. For more information and to purchase tickets visit www.ottawahumane.ca/furball

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