OHS Position Statement: Urban Wildlife

In an urban environment, humans and many species of wildlife live in close proximity to each other, which may result in human-wildlife conflicts.

The OHS is committed to promoting an understanding and appreciation of urban wildlife, and to promoting humane and effective means for resolving conflicts between wildlife and humans in an urban setting.

In particular:

  1. The OHS recommends a preventive humane approach to human-wildlife conflict, including wildlife-proofing of property.
  2. The OHS recommends that where possible, animals and birds be left in place for the short-term during the birthing and rearing season.
  3. The OHS accepts live trapping and humane removal as a last resort solution for human-wildlife conflicts.

The OHS acknowledges that trapping and relocation of urban wildlife does occur and must be done in conformity with Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources laws and regulations. For more information governing wildlife in Ontario see:

Information on how to resolve conflicts between wildlife and humans in an urban setting can be found on the OHS website: more >