Don't Blame the Cat

How to behave so your cat will too

Has Fluffy scratched up your favourite piece of furniture again? Is your cat choosing the floor over the litter box?  Wondering what that constant ‘meowing’ really means? Attend a seminar presented by feline veterinarian Dr. Glenys Hughes to learn more about what your feline friend is really up to.

Seminar topics include:

  1. The wildcat within
  2. Creating a healthy lifestyle
  3. Familiarizing cats to their carrier
  4. The importance of scratching posts
  5. Litter box tips & tricks
  6. Playtime tendencies
  7. How to feed your cat


Join us for another insightful seminar presented by feline veterinarian Dr. Glenys Hughes as she speaks on how to prepare for your cat as he or she enters into maturity. This seminar is designed to help you prepare and meet the needs of your senior cat while they enter their golden years. 

Seminar topics include:

  1. Normal changes that occur during aging
  2. Nutritional considerations for the senior cat
  3. Water and hydration requirements
  4. Environmental modifications
  5. Common diseases
  6. Ways to improve your senior cat’s well-being
  7. The benefit of owning/adopting a senior cat


Are you looking to peacefully coexist with lion in your living room? Join RVT Jamie Wolfe Phillips from the Merivale Cat Hospital, as she explores the newest trend in feline enrichment and behaviour management – clicker training! During this seminar, attendees will learn all about clicker training and how to get started with a cat at home. Clicker training concepts and methods will focus on problem prevention and feline enrichment.


How to behave so your dog will too

Are you considering welcoming a dog into your home? Have you already acquired a new canine companion and are looking for some helpful tips? This seminar will provide you with all the basic information you need to prepare your home for the arrival of a new dog and help you with all of the basics once that new family member arrives. It will prepare you to avoid and deal with troubling behaviours to ensure you and your dog maintain a positive relationship.

Seminar topics include:

  1. Getting the right supplies
  2. Nature vs Nuture
  3. Reading canine body language
  4. Appropriate exercise for your dog
  5. Walking without pulling
  6. Training tools and tricks
  7. Proper canine feeding and nutrition
  8. House training
  9. Leaving your dog home alone
  10. And so much more!

Dogs that Growl, Snap and Bite: Resource Guarders

Does your dog growl when you try to take away a stolen object? Or react when you try to take away their food? Resource guarding occurs in about 15 per cent of shelter dogs. Attend this specialty seminar, presented by certified trainer Robyn Rittmaster, to learn more about why dog’s guard their stuff, how to stay safe, how to prevent it and when to seek professional help. Actual OHS case studies will be used to show progressions from concerning dog behaviour through to trusted pet.

This event is approved for two continuing education credits from the CCPDT.


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